Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our little brother graduating

You did it, you're all growed up now! Welcome to the beginning of real life.
We are so proud of you for accomplishing this great feat in life, now onward and upward to new and greater things. We can't wait to see what life holds for you! I remember when Ben was about 5 years old, Seth and I were outside playing something that boys play, cowboys and indians or cops and robbers- something. And Ben wanted to play, so we told to "Get lost TWIRP". Ben laughed, thinking it was really funny and a good thing to be a "TWIRP", he ran inside and told mom that he was a "TWIRP". So, on your graduation, I would like to wish the best to the coolest "TWIRP" around. We love you Ben.



i like the background

James Wilder said...

Congrats, Ben!

Trav & Heidi, I enjoy your blog. Heidi, I never knew you were the poet. Very sage words on the post above. Love you guys.

Anna said...

Congrats Ben!!! I am so proud of you. Keep on keepin on.

Sammy's Blog said...

Hey Heidi and Trav,
Luv Ya guys cool blog!!
I love you too Megean !! :)

Sammy F :)