Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'll miss you little sister!

Time has slipped so fast through our hands
Every moment like a tiny grain of sand
Times spent together
Praying, crying, laughing
This journey called life seems to be floating like a feather
Growing so close and not realizing this special bond
I find that I’m loosing my close friend, I’m walking in despond
My little sis, my heart is full of emotion
I wipe my eyes, but all I find is more tears
My mind forever travels through all the years
I stop to think, “Will she remember our special times”
“Did I do my part, did I help her climb?”
God holds all power in His hands
For He alone created the tiny grain of sand
He can move mountains, just call on His name
Falling in love with Jesus, you’ll never be the same
You may get lonely and wonder if it will ever end
But just remember He’s the only one who can take a broken heart and mend
I don’t know what life will hold
Time will only tell, just let Him create the mold
My love is unconditional for you
No matter how long the road or lonely the journey
You have love from me and from above, there’s no need to worry
Be happy and laugh
Think of the good that is going to come your way
Just stand still and let Him mold you, for you are the clay.

I love you sis! You’re the best! Don’t let life bring you down, just find happiness in every situation and live it out to the fullest. Pray circumstances through until you’re rejoicing in your testimony! You’ll make, you were made for war, don’t back down, don’t give up!



Stephanie's Blog said...

Thats so sweet Heidi aka Sissy! Im praying for you both!!! :)
Love Always,
Your Lil sis Steph:) lol

aLLi said...

Hi TRAVI!!!! and HEIDI!!!! lol!! i just wanted to stop by and say i love you!!!! keep posting!!:)

Carly said...

Trav and Heidi love your blog! Heidi great poem!

C Hendryx said...

Aww yes we will miss the lil Meg - She is always in my prayers... See ya soon at the lil Bro's grad party - luv ya both and welcome to blog world...

Anonymous said...

Hey My Heidi don't worry about Meg's...we will take very good care of her. She is loved! And will be surrounded by all kinds of support....
Love ya much
Aunt Leisa
p.s. send this to my other e-mail

Meagan & Jetter said...

Hey sis,
Thanks for your prayers. I know that without them I probably wouldn't be as far as I am in life. You should update this blog tho. Lets put little coco on here and whatnot. Love you